20 April 2011

On body

You know I still love you baby
and it will never change.

I want nobody but you
How can I be with another
I don't want any other
I want nobody nobody [else]

Why are you trying
To make me leave you
I know what you're thinking
Baby why aren't you listening
How can I just love someone else
And forget you completely
When I know you still love me

Telling me you're not good enough
My life with you is just too tough
You know it's not right so
Just stop and come back boy
How can this be
When we were meant to be

I want nobody but you
How can I be with another
I don't want any other
I want nobody [else]

Why can't we just,
Just be like this
Cause it's you that I need
And nothing else until the end
Who else can ever make me feel the way
I feel when I'm with you?
No one will ever do

Back to the days when we were so young
And wild and free
Nothing else matters other than you and me
So tell me why can't it be
Please let me live my life my way
Why do you push me away?
I don't want nobody but you

It’s a wonder why in this age of women empowerment that Nobody did not make it to the Billboard Hot 100 Chart.

It was composed by Park Jin-young. Widely known as J.Y. Park, Park is the current CEO of JYP Entertainment, a record label of Asian pop music he himself founded.

Under his name, Park released seven albums: Blue City (1994), Tantara (1995), Summer Jingle Bell (1997), Even After 10 Years (1998), Game (2001), and Back To Stage (2007). He produced 31 charting singles and 25 albums for Rain, Wonder Girls, MC Mong, Min, J Lim, G-soul, Will Smith, Mase and Cassie.

His success in promoting Asian singers prompted the organizers of a music conference* to invite Park as a keynote speaker.

Park holds a B.A. in Geology from Yonsei University. He collaborated with Jackie Chan in May 2008 to form the I Love Asia Project and help earthquake victims in China.

He had been married to Yoon Jeong-seo in 1999. But they broke their vows last March 2009 since, Park claimed, they ‘slowly grew apart’ after 16 years. The couple didn’t have kids.

JYP Entertainment is developing a show in the US with Lawrence Bender showcasing the singers of this song.[5]

*Midem 2009 brought together about 9,000 professionals from over 90 countries.


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