12 April 2011

Can't I just stop loving you

I just want to lay next to you for awhile
You look so beautiful tonight
Your eyes are so lovely; your mouth is so sweet
A lot of people misunderstand me
That's because they don't know me at all
I just want to touch you and hold you
I need you
God I need you, I love you so much

Each time the wind blows, I hear your voice so
I call your name . . .
Whispers at morning, our love is dawning
Heaven's glad you came . . .

You know how I feel, this thing can't go wrong
I'm so proud to say I love you
Your love's got me high, I long to get by
This time is forever, love is the answer

I hear your voice now, you are my choice now
The love you bring heaven in my heart
At your call, I hear harps and angels sing

You know how I feel, this thing can't go wrong
I can't live my life without you
I just can't hold on, I feel we belong
My life ain't worth living if I can't be with you

At night when the stars shine
I pray in you I'll find a love so true . . .
When morning awakes me, will you come and take me?
I'll wait for you

You know how I feel
I won't stop until I hear your voice saying "I Do"

I just can't stop loving you
We can change all the world tomorrow
We can sing songs of yesterday
I can say, hey . . . farewell to sorrow
This is my life and I want to see you for always

There is no published reason why Michael Jackson wrote and composed this song.

All Wikipedia says is that MJ had intended this song for a duet with Barbara Streisand, Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin or Agnetha Fältskog of ABBA. But all were unable to record the song.

It was Siedah Garrett who sang with him. It became a chart-topper—the first of five consecutive number-one Billboard Hot 100 singles from Jackson's Bad album, and in the Billboard R&B and adult contemporary charts. Had he not died, he would be performing the song again with Judith Hill in his This Is It concert. Hill just went on to record a ‘sequel’ to the song, entitling it I Will Always Be Missing You.

In his autobiography though, MJ revealed that he had no one in particular when he wrote the song, though someone would disturb his thoughts whenever he sings it onstage. MJ had sung this in Spanish (Todo mi amor eres tu) and in French (Je ne veux pas la fin de nous).


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