19 April 2011

Leaving behind yesterday

Since you left me, I never really tried
To put my life to where it should belong
And I've always let the past gone by
I'm realizing that it could be wrong

But now I fin'lly knew
I had to let it go
To make way for a brighter tomorrow

So now I'm leavin' yesterday behind
And fin'lly I've made up my mind
So let the mem'ries stay away and think about today
I'm leavin' yesterday behind
'Cause now I'll try to live my life once more
The way I did before

Since I know that I never will forget
The memories that made my yesterday
I will try not to let it
Interfere the choices I will make along the way

'Cause I'm not livin' in a world of fantasy
I'm here now in the world of reality

Here is a person who managed to leave yesterday behind.

He wrote a book entitled A Song Across the Barriers of Time to discuss the powers of love. Albeit fictional, it is actually about the love story of Karen Carpenter (singer, The Carpenters) and Leo Adam Alba III (billionaire).

He is Leo Mark Bonaventura from East Chicago, Indiana. His father once thought that his second child would not succeed in life. Leo proved him wrong when he attended the Marquette University and the Indiana University School of Medicine to obtain an M.D. in 1970. He remained a dreamer, though, and in December 2007 collaborated with the characters of his book.

* * * *

It was unclear why the song was written. I only got information on Paul Harrison, the jazz pianist who arranged the notes of the song. He has his own group, Trianglehead, and is currently writing music for John Scofield and the Scottish National Jazz Orchestra.


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