16 February 2011

Love lost is lost forever

In a Pinoy soap opera aired last year, Mariz Benitez (Maja Salvador) had found out that her husband, Anthony Florencio (Sam Milby), would be getting married to a woman who resembles her—from head to toe. It was the consequence of her sister’s grand plan that had gone awry. Unaware, Mariz only thought of having her family back. She came out during the wedding and revealed that the woman her husband would be exchanging vows with is nothing but a fish vendor and an impostor.

Apparently, Anthony already knew that. In the guise of his wife was Devina Ventura (Melissa Cantiveros) who conspired with Monique Benitez (Precious Lara Quigaman) to rebuild her idol’s family and make those who killed her parents pay. When she discovered that Monique was only using her to get back to the Florencio’s, she stopped being the latter’s accomplice and admitted to Anthony that she isn’t Mariz after all. The truth hurt both of them, but they also have come to love each other that they would like to compromise themselves to each other again.

Then Mariz came in. And Anthony chose to give her another try. After all—in rite and in law—they’re still married. Will Mariz be able to reclaim the time and chance destiny has taken? Should she when it was what she had in mind before certain things happened and her husband and son are already happy with an impostor? In the soap, Mariz wanted to do just that. She also strongly believed she could. But destiny seemed unwilling to let her: She died after shielding Anthony from a gunshot Monique fired. Wedding bells rang for Devin and Anthony again.

Elaine Sihera would have agreed with the ending. Love, indeed, is unlikely to last forever for two reasons: human’s emotional evolution and human’s lack of reciprocity. People are also in need for change. Only unless the partner ‘has evolved in the same direction’ and the parties involved still ‘have the same feelings of appreciation and value’ towards each other would love have a chance to last.

Science though has discovered that love can last forever. A team from Stony Brook University scanned the brains of couples that have been together for 20 years. The results? About one in 10 of the couples exhibited the same chemical reactions new lovers have. The cognitive and emotional state of intense romantic desire for another person could mature and couples could still enjoy ‘intensive companionship and sexual liveliness’ even after some time.


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