24 February 2011

Love for Truth: Gen. Rosales vs. Arlene Dela Cruz

Q: Sir, Police Director Roberto Rosales was named through intelligence reports, from the military allegedly, that he is one of the protectors of the carnapping syndicate. But, apparently, well as expected, he cried a foul. And, as the Commander-in-Chief, will the President order the military to name those who are responsible for the intelligence reports?

LACIERDA: We spoke with General Bartolome and inquired from him, where this report came from. And in fact, he told me that, if there somebody who should do the explanation, it should be Arlene Dela Cruz because it came from her. So, our position is, we will just wait for the official announcement from the PNP. They are investigating, in fact, DILG is investigating it. So, we will leave it to the DILG and the SOJ because remember, they just formed a panel. So, they are still investigating the whole process. Again, the trust of the panel is to investigate collusion of government officials and public officials as well as government prosecutor. So, we have not made any official pronouncement. And, there is an investigation going on.

Q: But sir, for the sake of PMS, would you so wish that the sources of this information should be named and made public?

LACIERDA: Sources?

Q: Yes, sir of the intelligence report, which is according to the reporter from the military.

LACIERDA: I will have to ask General Bartolome because again, as I said, he was surprised that report of that nature came out, and tinanong ko sa kanya, kayo ba ang naglabas? Sabi niya, in fact, sabi niya, dapat si Arlene Dela Cruz ang mag-explain kung saan galing iyan. They are now currently investigating pa rin the car napping, carjacking incidents, and the involvement of government officials.

Police Director Roberto Rosales was aghast when Arlene Dela Cruz, a contributor for the Philippine Daily Inquirer, linked him with the a car theft group.

"Over what you did Arlene, categorically I tell you, you destroyed me… If I have any ill-feelings toward you, it started because my reputation was besmirched," Rosales was reported saying.

He even added: "otherwise you will not be able to recover from that. Never that you will be able to recover."

Arlene Dela Cruz, however, stood by her story. There was an intelligence report from the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) naming the general. Superintendent Napoleon Cauyan was also reported to coddle other car theft groups.

The report, though, was "malicious, unvalidated, and unverified," if you ask Gen. Rosales. So he’s considering filing charges against Dela Cruz.

Philippine media attacked!

Dela Cruz’ current situation is somehow similar to what Malu Fernandez and Gretchen Malalad went through about four years ago. Fernandez, a columnist at the Manila Standard Today newspaper and People Asia magazine, commented on some OFWs destined for the United Arab Emirates while ABS-CBN television reporter Gretchen Malalad avenged herself to a former basketball player accused of mauling a taxi driver. They’re all attacks by and to some members of the Philippine media!

Truth is relative, so they say. Pilipina Ako figured that out upon seeing the theatrical piece, Rashomon. Originally a Japanese crime mystery film directed by Akira Kurosawa, Rashomon is about the rape of a woman and the murder of her samurai husband sometime in 1950.

According to the woman (Machiko Ky), she was raped by the woodcutter (Takashi Shimura) in a grove. She begged forgiveness from her husband for what happened, which the latter refused to give. The woman then just asked her husband to kill her, but her husband just continued to stare at her. His expression ripped her soul so she fainted with the dagger in her hand. When she woke up, her husband was already dead with the dagger in his chest. The woman attempted to also kill herself by drowning in a nearby lake.

Her husband, Masayuki Mori, revealed through a medium that it was actually the woman who asked the woodcutter to kill him upon consenting to go with the latter. The woman, apparently, did not want to feel guilty belonging to two men.

Disappointment flood the woodcutter’s heart after hearing the request! So he grabbed the woman and asked the samurai to choose between his life or hers. The woman fled upon hearing this while the man almost forgave the woodcutter. The woodcutter attempted to run after the woman but after failing to do so, set the samurai free instead.

His wife’s unfaithfulness hurt the samurai so much that he had killed himself with a dagger thereafter.

The samurai was stabbed with a sword, though, claimed the woodcutter. He just found his body while looking for wood in the forest. He has nothing to do with the crime! He cannot be the killer!

The bandit, Tajmaru (Toshir Mifune), meanwhile, claimed innocence too. Yes, he tricked the samurai to go to the grove with him. Yes, he tied him to a tree. Yes, he raped his wife. But the woman favored Tajmaru’s seductions that she asked the latter to kill his husband. Tajmaru set the samurai free but to duel with him. Tajmaru won and the woman ran away. But that was all. The bandit even forgot to steal the expensive dagger the samurai's wife own!

Bothered by his conscience, the woodcutter recast his story. He did, in fact, witness the rape and murder committed by Tajmaru to the samurai's wife. The bandit’s version is truthful except for one thing: the bandit did not forget to take the samurai's sword.

At the temple, a commoner (Kichijiro Ueda) heard the woodcutter’s and figured that the woodcutter, indeed, stole the dagger used in the crime! It shook the traveling Buddhist priest’s (Minoru Chiaki) faith in humanity.

Similary, it would be Dela Cruz’s word or Rosales’ now. It would be, after all, their careers on the line.


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