10 October 2010

PNoy's 100th day

On PNoy’s 100th day as head of the Philippine republic, it is just worth noting his leadership and performance based on his State of the Nation Address he himself delivered on the last Monday of July.

Sa isang banda po ay ang pagpili para sa ikabubuti ng taumbayan. It certainly hadn’t been good for our OFWs in Hong Kong when their nationals suffered in a hostage two days after the father of the seating president’s 27th death anniversary. It certainly hadn’t been good for the value of peso pegged to the dollar, which is what Pinoys working overseas earn. It certainly hadn’t been good for PNoy when even supporters of the administration questioned his decisions and actions.

Narinig po ninyo kung paano nilustay ang kaban ng bayan. Ang malinaw po sa ngayon: ang anumang pagbabago ay magmumula sa pagsiguro natin na magwawakas na ang pagiging maluho at pagwawaldas. During his first international trip, PNoy chose to eat hotdogs for lunch, costing him $54only. The trip costs P25 million all in all.

Sa susunod na buwan ay maghahain tayo ng budget na kumikilala nang tama sa mga problema, at magtutuon din ng pansin sa tamang solusyon. Despite that the year is already about to end, there is no approved programme budget yet for 2010. The government sought for $31 billion last year.

Pananagutin natin ang mga mamamatay-tao. Pananagutin din natin ang mga corrupt sa gobyerno. After almost a year, there is no verification yet who should pay for the Maguindanao Massacre. Extrajudicial killings remain a trend as only 1% has been resolved in the last decade.

Ito ang magiging solusyon: mga Public-Private Partnerships. Kahit wala pa pong pirmahang nangyayari dito, masasabi kong maganda ang magiging bunga ng maraming usapin ukol dito. Under his leadership, PNoy intends to compromise the country to public-private partnerships with either local or foreign companies. This is what is being done in Dubai and India.

Paalala lang po: una sa ating plataporma ang paglikha ng mga trabaho, at nanggagaling ang trabaho sa paglago ng industriya. Lalago lamang ang industriya kung gagawin nating mas malinis, mas mabilis, at mas maginhawa ang proseso para sa mga gustong magnegosyo. This, PNoy means, the streamlining of the bureaucracy would be a priority in his political agenda. Most of the Filipinos today have decided to seek their success abroad. Even the young have started working. There are no concrete programs yet to encourage and equip business-mindedness.

Parating na po ang panahon na hindi na natin kailangang mamili sa pagitan ng seguridad ng ating mamamayan o sa kinabukasan ng inyong mga anak. There are millions of Filipinos still living abroad. And the latest scheme of the Overseas Welfare Administration (OWWA) through the Pag-Ibig Fund is criticized by a number of them.

Mapapalawak natin ang basic education cycle mula sa napakaikling sampung taon tungo sa global standard na labindalawang taon. Not everyone—particularly most parents—agrees on extending the basic education cycle. Never mind that this is what the rest of the world calls for. Never mind that there’s finally a leader willing to put his name at stake for an unpopular decree for a gain he himself may not witness anymore.

Tungkol sa situwasyon sa Mindanao: Hindi po nagbabago ang ating pananaw. Mararating lamang ang kapayapaan at katahimikan kung mag-uusap ang lahat ng apektado: Moro, Lumad, at Kristiyano. Inatasan na natin si Dean Marvic Leonen na mangasiwa sa ginagawa nating pakikipag-usap sa MILF. As of now, the government is talking with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) so that the Philippines will eventually be a country at peace and in progress.

Pilipina Ako would rather that PNoy sack who should be sacked, despite of his personal relationships. He has already inspired some Filipinos to get up to their feet and believe in an administration once more. It’s now time for himself to walk his talk. A blunder, no matter how honest, is still a blunder.

Filipinos now, Pilipina Ako likes to believe, can tell an act from an act. And political leaders have the social responsibility to be honest to their constituents.

Crimes that have taken place before PNoy sits in shouldn’t be his problem. But that’s the way it is. Hopefully, the government would willingly pay the price for justice to rule.

Only Filipinos would have sincerity to care for their country. Other countries may help, but not without them eyeing us a business. The Philippines would surely benefit from PPIs. The danger is if these will eventually relied upon solely.

Pilipina Ako just doesn’t appreciate that job creation would be the topmost priority of PNoy’s administration. It would just help foreigners and a few Filipinos who can put up a business. The country would remain poor, and the Filipinos would keep on thinking of themselves.

On the other hand, Pilipina Ako thinks that the internal conflict between the country's only three islands should be PNoy’s topmost focus. Aut viam inveniam aut faciam.

Education is really the most surefire way for a person to achieve success. And if that person could use that to uplift his or her family, and that family represents every family in the Philippines, the country could have progress.

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