06 October 2010

PNoy on birth control

Aside from its grammatically erroneous lead paragraph, a news article on the church’s threat of excommunication for PNoy is worth tackling for Pilipina Ako.

Why? It is just intriguing. The current head of the republic happens to be the child of a former president espoused by the Catholic Church to power. Also, the current head of the republic is a bachelor who has no first-hand experience yet in raising a family.

The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) maintains that ‘some artificial contraceptives are abortifacients.’ "Abortion is a grave crime. Excommunication is attached to [it]. That is an issue of gravity, that is a violation of God's commandment," Bishop Nereo Odchimar, the CBCP president, said over Radio Veritas.

According to Odchimar, the poverty in the country is not rooted to population growth anyway. It’s in priority-setting. "Ours is an agricultural country. Agriculture should be enhanced. It is ironic that the International Rice Research Institute is in the Philippines but we are importing rice from Vietnam [which was ravaged by the Vietnam war]."

The Catholic Church also opposes the reproductive health bill, re-filed as PNoy set in. "We do not have police power, we don’t discount the possibility of mobilizing the lay organizations," Odchimar added.

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