19 August 2007

Through Karima's Art

October 21 – November 3, 2006

Issue 8

A business can be successful only with one’s hard work and dedication. Add to that the diversity it can offer and you would get a 17-year-old business, patronized by a whole city and recognized for its service.

“Our first saloon was in Sharjah. My auntie and uncle, Rachna Thakker and Rasik Thakker, set it up. They were the ones who taught me how to create henna designs. I was 18 then and I worked in their saloon for two years,” shared Karima Tharani, Manager of Brides Beauty Saloon for Henna-Al Ain Branch, widely known as Saloon Al Aroosa. “After two years, I returned to India and stayed there for the next six years. There, I got married and have two kids, a son and a daughter named Anis and Karishma. In 1989, my auntie and uncle thought of opening a branch in Al Ain, so I went back here,” she added.

Her husband’s support for her makes running the saloon easier for Karima. “My husband is supportive of my business. He has his own in India. I also have a very good experience with the customers. They are very cooperative and loving,” Karima commented. Brides Saloon’s customers are mostly locals, of all ages. “During the Eid, we open the saloon for 24 hours and we accommodate almost 200 customers. We also serve the members of the royal family,” she disclosed.

The other thing that makes Brides Beauty Saloon unique is that its henna designs are all original. “All of our designs are our creation. They come from our minds. It is widely known that Indians are very creative; our craftsmanship is our greatest strength. We give a lot of time to create a design because we also need to consider latest trends and style to serve our customers with only the best,” said Karima.

Every month, Brides Beauty Saloon offers a new set of henna design to their customers. “We are aware that people’s tastes are changing that is why we always try to keep up with latest fad. We have Indian, Arabic and Indian-Arabic designs,” Karima said. They have special designs for brides, where price ranges varies on the quality and length of the design a customer may order.

Nearly six years ago, Karima used to work and do henna application for 15 hours a day. But at the moment, she just manages the saloon. Brides Beauty Saloon may also be found in Deira, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al Kaimah, Fujairah, Doha, Bahrain and Kuwait.

“I am very lucky to have this business. I am grateful to my aunt and uncle, who supported me all the way, and had enough faith in me to give me this wonderful opportunity. My work has been this successful because of all our commitment, dedication and diversity,” Karima said.

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