19 August 2007

Passion makes Perfect

Lebanese florist conquers Al Ain
December 30 - January 12, 2007
Issue 13

For 22 years, Ellie Hani, has been living with flowers. I like to live with flowers. Flowers can make people happy, a sick person well, a person from the overseas feel welcome and a bride beautiful. A big story of love can start with one red rose. For these reasons, I came to respect flowers. I believe they are also humans that has to be taken care of,” the designer of the Si Beau Si Chic, a flower shop located at the Intercontinental Al Ain Resort.

“My family and friends seldom see me because I am always in my shop, which is always open even during the holidays. I am not married until now because I am too busy with my flowers,” he added. Hani had also owned a flower shop in Lebanon and had worked at Four Seasons Hotel and at Arc En Ciel in Saudi as a florist too. “But I am happy with my life. I am happy with my flowers, and they understand that.”

His passion with flowers, which was inspired by a nun in his school at Lebanon, and running a business for it did not leave any chances. “Flower business is a very good business because there are always occasions everyday and everywhere. People always get married, for instance. But being a florist is hard because it takes all of your time,” shared Hani.

But although already an experienced florist and a recipient of the Flower Art Certificate from Sydney, Australia, Hani does not stop enriching his knowledge on flowers. “I am always looking for ideas, asking about the fashion in other regions from the world. I always liked the fresh flowers of Holland and Singapore and Ecuador; the flower accessories of Paris and Holland; and the artificial flowers of China,” Hani, a lover of yellow rose, said.

Badly behaved customers do not discouraged Hani from being the best flower designer he can be. “When you start to love the flowers, you cannot leave them behind,” he said.

A Filipino journalist once said “Every passion has its consequences. If you can get along with it, you are fine.” Hani has proved that he can live with his, helped by the flowers he has around.

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