06 August 2007

Between rock and a hard place

Graduating finally from college has been my dream when I was in high school just as it was when I was in grade school. It seemed to me then that finishing a level would automatically bring me to another phase where I can have a freedom greater than what I used to have (or what I think to have, or what I was made to believe to have). But after almost a year and three months outside some school grounds, I still haven't enjoyed the freedom I have long aspired. I am still knocked between living for others and being what I am supposed to become. I am in a place away from my home, striving to still do and be good, making the most of the opportunities I have and hoping, hoping and not lose sight of the freedom I am eyeing for.

Making that decision was not easy. I just thought that between being a call center agent and working overseas, the latter would make much more sense in my case. I can start my career here. Pursue my other dreams. There are many things that I still have to learn that I think I would not manage to learn if I stayed. I would have more chances if I go here.

But still, life is not that simple C:

-Written on July 31, 2007

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