24 July 2011

Son's and Daughter's Day

We honor mothers every second Sunday of May, and fathers every third Sunday of June. How about giving merit to sons and daughters as well?

Science had found that the human body is composed of cells consisting chromosomes that carry DNA containing genes. During copulation, 23 unpaired chromosomes (from the sperm cells of a man and the egg cells of a woman) mutate to form an embryo.

Besides, there cannot be mothers and fathers without sons and daughters. Why hasn’t anyone thought of that?

In celebration
What the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) did could be the start.

In its "Operation Roll Down, Baby," MMDA Chairman Francis Tolentino asked to ‘roll down’ some 46 billboards along EDSA deemed violating the National Building Code.
Six operators complied.

Those who did not were issued with notices of violation. They were also given 15 days to correct what they failed to do.

The Outdoor Advertising Association of the Philippines commended the MMDA of their plan. The latter had already filed 10 criminal complaints against the violators who, some of them, have no building permits as well.

Pilipina Ako does not think it was wrong for Mayor Benhur Abalos to order a billboard showing men wearing nothing but underwear pulled down. It’s not being prudish. It’s just being responsible. Why has the quest for decency became a tough question for Art?


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