26 July 2011

The Philippines as a singular noun

Several of our forefathers had fought against foreign invaders. A number of them were not even mentioned in our history books. Nevertheless, the succeeding generations were aware what they blessed us with: our country’s independence.

That independence involves our right to govern ourselves. We can vote our own leaders. We can decide on the system we prefer. We can choose what to do with our lives. We can love or die.

It is, therefore, a grievous offense for writers to regard the country as a plural noun. In a business article encouraging public and private sectors to work together, the word ‘Philippines’ assumed plurality.

Philippines urged to leverage key competencies

Instead of complaining about how the Philippines tend to rank low in various competitiveness surveys, both the public and private sectors should consider collaborating to capitalize on the country’s key competencies and address inadequacies.

If this was just simply a case of grammar overlook, the Philippine Daily Inquirer must enlighten the people that read it every day. The Philippines had started to actively fight for the Recto Bank. Why not stand against what must the country be addressed to as well?


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