10 October 2009

Dagdag pa niya...

Hi everybody,

I have made a petition to try to correct the not so supportive policies on tree and bamboo farming in the Philippines. This is a very important issue considering the problems we are now facing like climate change and floods.

May I, therefore, please ask for your support by signing the said petition. It is titled "Creation of a Wholesome Working Environment for Bamboo and Tree Farming". To affix your signature, please open www.gopetition.com and type the title in the search bar of the site. Then click on "petitions" from the choices that will follow.

Or you could do a shortcut by searching via google. Just type the title of the petition on the search bar and that's it. After signing, you could also make some personal supportive comments.

Looking forward to your full support. It would be nice if you could also forward this request to your friends and business associates please.

Thanks and best regards,

Mr. 8


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