10 October 2009

Bamboo: a solution

Someone among us is actually doing something to preserve our environment. Let us support his advocacy and do something on our own,

PETITION, SUGGESTION, RECOMMENDATION - Massive Planting of Bamboo Worldwide

CATEGORIES - Climate Change and Poverty Reduction

REGION - Worldwide

TARGET - United Nations Organization


After the conduct of the training workshop on Non-Timber Forest Products in Zheijang Province, PR China last 27 August to 15 September 2009, it has been established that the best solution to the climate change problem is massive planting of bamboo worldwide. This is considering the natural characteristics of the plant as follows:

1. It is the fastest growing plant in the planet. Some species actually can grow up to 4 feet per day.
2. It is much more sustainable compared to trees. When one plants a tree, the minimum waiting time for it to be usable is 10 years and for every 1 tree planted, only 1 tree also can be harvested. Whereas, if one plants bamboo, the maximum waiting time for it to be usable is 5 years only and for every 1 planted, more than a hundred can be harvested and there is no stopping.
3. It is much easier to grow compared to trees.
4. It ABSORBS 35% more carbon dioxide and also EMITS 35% more oxygen compared to trees, thus making it the best agent for carbon sequestration.
5. If massive planting of bamboo will be done by all countries of the world, the problem of climate change will be GONE in a matter of only 6 YEARS.

Incidentally, massive bamboo planting will also significantly reduce poverty as evidenced by China's bamboo-based industries income generation record.

1. Income from bamboo farming per hectare is 7 times more compared to rice farming.
2. The bamboo-based industries income of China last 2008 derived from its 7 million hectares of bamboo plantation is US$15billion.
3. It is the best substitute for wood and its tensile strength is higher than that of soft steel. More use of bamboo and less use of wood will be good for the planet.
4. Bamboo is a source for food, lumber, charcoal, medicines, some chemicals, pulp for paper, cloth and a lot more.
5. It is the BEST SOURCE OF BIO-OIL/FUEL. Copra, oil palm, jathropa, sugar cane, moringa, sorghum. cassava and other sources of bio-oil could not compare to bamboo. Investing in bamboo-based bio-oil production will:
a. reduce dependence on fossil fuel
b. reduce GHG emissions that is one significant cause of climate change
c. save foreign exchange
d. create JOBS
e. establish LAND COVER
f. motivate COUNTRYSIDE ECONOMIC ACTIVITY which will be good for overall

Wherefore, it is urgently recommended that the United Nations Organization will convene all the leaders of its member countries and make each country feel responsible to join the battle against climate change and poverty reduction.

To insure success in this areas of activity, every country must be made to adopt conducive, friendly and supportive policies and strategies to motivate their respective citizens to go into massive bamboo planting and bamboo utilization in order to achieve the aforementioned objectives and benefits as soon as possible.

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