21 November 2011

The network wars

With more than 4,000 delegates brushing elbows within the Camarines Sur Watersports Complex, the 22nd Philippine Advertising Congress convened the top executives of the television networks in the Philippines to speak about its theme, “Changing the Game.”

According to Eugenio Lopez III, ‘technology only follows where the human spirit wants to go.’ There could be a ‘media revolution caused by technologies that are not even viable today’ but the ABS-CBN would remain true to its pact: in the service of the Filipino.

“The future of media may appear to be technological, but at its core, it will remain emotional. Technology will change everything, except the human nature to crave for recognition, affirmation, connection and inspiration to be the best that they can be for self-fulfillment, for family and for community,” he said.

In lieu of this, the ABS-CBN will have more digital offerings. The GMA Network, on its part, also noted how ‘digital technology has given consumers more opportunity to control their lives.’

“Content made for television can now be seen in at least three streaming—the television itself, the computer and the mobile devices. It has also broken new ground in social networking, so that digital citizens of the world can traverse all media seamlessly… The viewers now have a say when and where to watch the shows that matter to them,” observed Atty. Felipe L. Gozon, the chairman and chief executive officer of the company.

The TV5 will also be a ‘dynamic digital leader,’ focusing on the ‘market today and of the future.’

"Indeed the Internet has become a true medium for the masses, an important tool for democratizing because of its openness, its publicness, and ease and speed of communication. Sometimes it tests and stretches the limits of such concepts as free speech and strikes fear amongst the ruling elite, just as Egypt's Hosni,” he said.

Pilipina Ako hopes that everything the three men had said would take shape.


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