27 October 2011

Separating Mindanao

It’s probably the lightest argument one could utter when deliberating on the sovereignty of the Philippines and the clamor of its third region. “What will happen to the three stars in our flag?” a family friend had asked.

When the flag was first displayed in a battle in May 28, 1898, it already had three stars. When the Philippines declared independence in June 12, 1898, the design was retained. When President Manuel L. Quezon issued Executive Order No. 23, the angle of the three stars was even codified.

When the color signifying peace in our flag was announced to be royal blue, Republic Act 8491 passed in February 12, 1998 also specified the inclusion of the three five-pointed stars in the country’s flag.

The three stars signified Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. There’s no unselfish reason to change that.


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