18 December 2010

Mommy D

She may have brought up the eight-division world-boxing champion and one of the country’s congressmen. But then the Philippines most famous mother celebrity today isn’t an exemplary person, as far as Pilipina Ako is concerned.

Celebrities as commendable as Vilma Santos may love her ‘unpretentious personality.’ “I love her! I haven’t met her pero in fact parang naging inspirasyon ko siya dito sa In My Life. Yun bang walang pakialam kung anong sasabihin ng iba. Gagawin niya kung anong gusto niyang gawin. Yung kahit anong gusto nyang sabihin sa pamilya niya...I love her! Gusto ko siya.” But what can Pilipina Ako do? Dionisia ‘Mommy D’ Pacquiao isn’t just an ideal person.

Some people sought her autographs and pictures with her. HBO Sports special 24/7 even featured her arrival in Las Vegas during one of her son’s fights. But Pilipina Ako dislikes what for ABS-CBN is a ‘quirky, lovable character, a truly Pinoy original which makes her a newsworthy personality.’

During her 60th birthday, Mommy D celebrated at the Phela Grande Convention Center with her idol, former first lady Imelda Marcos as guest. That was even when almost 90 people died in and around Manila barely three months before because of Ondoy. The tropical storm was the worst Manila had in 50 years.

And that’s not all! Seven hours before her son’s birthday bash last year, Mommy D also bought a pair of strappy sandals when she had already bought a pair of black pumps in the United States. She had her nails done in mauve polish a day prior to the party only to have it re-painted the next day. Such a lifestyle is uncalled for.

She called the black-skinned citizens of the United States negroes, earning the despise of the Color People Advancement Community (CPAC) in Las Vegas. "Nagpapasalamat ako hindi lang sa mga Pilipino. At pati na rin sa mga Amerikano at mga Negro.[I thank not only the Filipinos, I also thank Americans and Negroes]. CPAC spokesman Rodney Surat Whiterspoon said that Mommy D 'can be forgiven" since she "appeared to have been disoriented.” The term, which means ‘black’ in Spanish and Portuguese, was considered a discriminatory term in the 1960s.

Mommy D defended herself from her detractors (Pilipina Ako included). “They're just jealous,” she said. She’s not surprised that her fame ‘comes with downsides’ According to her, ‘the Pacquiao family are simply enjoying the largesse’ and her son is giving her "just enough." Mommy D resides beside Manny Pacquiao's home in General Santos City nowadays. It is smaller place with four bedrooms costing P7 million.

She may just deserve the comfort. After all, Mommy D had tried her very best to make ends meet when her children were younger. The Pacmom had even sold kakanin (sweet delicacies) for their survival. Fr. Joey Faller also observed Mommy D’s religiosity. She seemed to be the Pacman’s secret weapon.

Still, Pilipina Ako doesn’t approve of her. She is a negative reflection of what the country is and what its people could be: materialistic and inconsiderate. Too bad that not only one media outfit prefers to report about her. That could convince other people to follow her behavior.

* * * *

On intrigues between her and Jinkee: "Sa tao, marami kaming intriga talaga sa sobrang sikat. Ngayon lang na nagsikat kami. [For people, there are many intrigues because [we] are very famous. [Intrigues came] when we got famous."

On her son’s alleged womanizing: "Hayaan mo lang ang mga intriga kasi [nandiyan na 'yan] lalo na noong unang sumisikat ang anak ko. Kasi andyan ang kagalingan niya. Ang daming humahanga sa kanya, lalo na sa mga babae. Ang daming mag-intrigang salita, hindi ginagawa sa anak ko 'yan. Hindi totoo ang mga balita." [Leave those intrigues alone, because they started ever since my son got famous. Because he is a good boxer and many people admire him, especially women. There are many intrigues, but my son doesn't do that (womanize). The reports are not true.]

On her love life: "Andyan ang pagmamahal ko sa dancing. Ayoko na, hindi ko na maulit 'yong masaktan pa ang puso ko. [There is my love for dancing. I don't want to [date] anymore, I can't have my heart broken again]."

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